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DEFRA microchip of dogs (England) regulations 2015


New regulations governing the compulsory micro chipping of dogs, which has been enforced in April 2016 by DEFRA.

Under the new regulations a breeder is defined as a person who owns the mother of a litter of puppies regardless of where that person resides. For any dog that is not a puppy the keeper is defined as the person with whom the dog normally resides within the community.

All dog owners in the UK whose dog is not currently micro chipped must have their dog micro chipped and register with a compliant DEFRA microchip database.

From that date all dog owners must ensure puppies are micro chipped and registered with a compliant data base and all details are correct and maintained (failure to keep up to date information may result in a fine by law).

Any changes to a keeper’s details including change of ownership, telephone number, address or surname change must be up dated with any changes immediately notified to the data base responsible for the dog’s registration.

Where a dog is transferred to a new keeper, the new keeper must, unless the previous keeper/breeder had already done so, record their contact details on an approved microchip database.

Full details need to be recorded on a DEFRA approved database for the dog and the owner. This includes the name and address of the owner or keeper and if the keeper is the breeder and has a local authority licence this will also need to be recorded;

New regulation for the implanting of microchips states no person may implant a microchip unless they are a veterinary professional or if they have been on a training course approved by the Secretary of State; Lantra will be the association responsible to maintain the standards of implanter training tutors.

The provision in the regulations also allows docked working dogs up to 12 weeks of age to be micro chipped provided the tail docking requirements are met. The micro chipping regulations that require a puppy to be micro chipped and registered before transfer to a new keeper remain.

Dog owners who choose to ignore the new legislation and who do not have their dog chipped after the law came into force will have 21 days to comply, and failure to do so will result in a fine of up to £500.

Implanters are governed to only implant ISO 11784/11785 approved microchip transponders. All microchips must respond to a transponder which operates at 134.2 kilohertz and conforms with FDXB protocols. Implanters must keep a detailed record of all microchip implantations and must report any adverse reactions direct to the secretary of state.

Pet Identity UK L.E.A.D data registration system has been extensively developed to operate in compliance with "Animal Welfare" The microchipping of Dogs (England) regulations 2015 which will govern the perfomance standards of all approved data base companies. 

Our 900-075 codes are restricted to Pet Identity UK and code duplication is illegal.

We are the only UK supplier with administrative data managment services and registration specific to our codes. 

To view the Micro chipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 in full, visit www.legislation.gov.uk/2015/9780111125243